Reference Information

Who could give you more objective reference information than our customers themselves? Read here what our customers say about us:

„The combination of extensive shareholder services expertise and solid IT competence convinced me.“
– Markus Hirt

„As a long-time expert on shareholders' meetings, I can understand why GVMANAGER is the most frequently used shareholders' meeting tool in Switzerland: absolute system reliability combined with professional support.“
– Marco Schianchi

„The DEVIGUS staff's in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the share register and the Annual Shareholders' Meeting was a great advantage for the implementation of the shareholder portal.“
– André Bosson

„AREGIS relieves us of monotonous bookings through the possibility of automatic booking of orders that are easy to process, thus giving us sufficient time to process more important and complex orders.“
– Robert Rohner

„We know AREGIS as a user-friendly share register system that is modular and equipped with powerful automatisms.“
– Ursula Holliger

„In addition to the high-quality software, DEVIGUS' competent and likeable employees are a strength of the company. We really haven't regretted the change from Nimbus to AREGIS for a moment!“
– Hugo Düggelin

„The outsourcing of the share register to the DEVIGUS Shareholder Service works flawlessly. We receive all the required information on time and in top quality. In addition to the competence, the helpfulness of the employees completes the professional offer in a pleasant way.“
– Philipp Marti

„The fact that the DEVIGUS systems are running well has already been said. What really impressed me was the professional competence and its practical relevance down to the last detail. The execution of our very demanding Annual Shareholders' Meeting has met the quality promise we made earlier in every respect.“
– Ingrid Kaserer